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A Wonderful Korean Delight

In my quest to find an exceptional Korean restaurant in Atlanta, I was inspired to try So Kong Dong because of the excellent reviews on this website. It was everything I had hoped it would be. The food is amazing! As a Korean, I am really picky about Korean food. Many of the Korean restaurants I've been to really lack the bold and pungent flavors of Korean food, fooling one into thinking Korean food is bland. However, So Kong Dong gets it just right. I ordered the Beef tofu soup with soy bean paste and it had just the perfect amount of flavor. They give you a raw egg to crack open into the piping hot soup, but I prefer my soup without the egg. The service is also great and they are quick to respond. While my mom's home-cooked Korean meals will always be the best to me, I will go to SKD if I'm looking for a quick, delicious Korean meal when I can't call mom.