Sokongdong Tofu House Reviews

Michelle L. Decatur, GA

Whenever I go to Korean tofu places, I ALWAYS get the mushroom tofu soup. Partially out of habit (years of being a vegetarian, before my current omnivorous lifestyle), and partially so I have a standard against which to compare each establishment.

Based on that standard, I have to say that this place's mushroom tofu soup is subpar in comparison to any of the ones I've been to in Los Angeles or San Francisco (but far superior, however, compared to the single place I've been to in Berkeley, CA). Is this the best in Atlanta? Too early to tell. My friends who have been in Atlanta longer than I have will vouch for its quality. However, I will studiously examine the other options and return with a verdict at a later date.

What I CAN comment on:
-They're authentic. The clientele reflects that.
-They put fewer mushrooms into their soup than I'm used to.
-I'm pretty sure there's MSG in their soup, but I feel that is standard.
-The array of complimentary cold side dishes served before the main entrees arrived (standard practice, by the way, for a respectable Korean tofu establishment) was a little weird to me-- I've never had mayo in one of them before. But expect kelp/seaweed, kimchi, cold bean thread noodles, and a few others.
-There will also be a small whole fried fish for each entree ordered.
-Rice comes served (pre-scooped) in a small silver bowl.
-They give you an uncooked egg to crack into your tofu soup (since it's conceivably hot enough to cook it -almost- thoroughly even after it arrives at your table)
-Need something from the waitstaff? No need to flag them down; there are little buttons on the side of the restaurant wall, one for each table, and you can just push for assistance like you would in an airplane!
-You can order your tofu soup as spicy as you would like... I went with "spicy", rather than "very spicy," but felt that I should probably upgrade to the more spicy alternative next time. "Regular" and "not spicy" are also options if you fear the burn!
-Cost was moderate. Again, more expensive than I've seen in LA but this might be typical for the area. Our table had two entrees (one mushroom tofu soup, one combo of tofu soup and korean bbq) and it came out to about $28 before tip.

I would come back! But there are so many other places on Buford Highway to try too, so it may take some time.

Nic K. Alpharetta, GA

I was near this area buying furniture with my husband and son. We had a craving for Korean bbq which this part of town is known for. I looked on Yelp for nearby restaurants with good ratings. This came up. Thanks for the great recommendation!

The food and service were both very good. Both of our beef dishes were amazing. We ordered the tofu soup with seafood. My husband and son loved it. I wasn't as big of a fan. I think it was partially because we ordered it mild since I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy foods. Admittedly, I think it would have been better if we kicked up a notch to medium to give it an extra kick.

It was a bit expensive for lunch but well worth it.

Teddy D. Decatur, GA

Not sure why i don't ear here more often. Maybe it's because piping hot spicy stew isn't usually want I crave on a hot Georgia day. But it's so good every time! Lunch or dinner, summer, winter, it doesn't matter. First off, it's been on Buford highway for a while, so that's a pretty good sign. The bulk of the patrons are speaking Korean, also a good sign. But most importantly, it's just delicious, warm and filling. It literally comes to your table bubbling hot. They give you an raw egg, and other goodies, to put in it! I was saying to a friend "i'm usually disappointed with the size of the bowl, but i always leave very full". Luckily they don't give you options for bowl size like so many pho places. However, they give you a spiciness option. I opt for regular. The service is solid (there is even a button to call your server). Will I eat here again? Most definitely, even in the summer.

Robert R. Atlanta, GA

This place has some great food. The seafood pancake is AMAZING! My girlfriend Julie & I were on a double date with another couple. WE both ordered this and it was excellent!

We also had the tofu soup which was very rich and tasty. The appetizers that come with the meal are phenomenal. If you are willing to go a little outside of your comfort zone then this is an excellent destination to try.